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Tibetan tea 100 gr

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Номер на продукта Tibetan tea 100 gr: 424-F100106-w322094

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Tibetan tea Tibetan DROPS OF LIFE ™ - TEA
Tibetan drops - treatment - herbal dry mix 120 g
Tibetan drops of life, include an indication of preparation
-120 G herbal mixture for Tibetan drop- for making tincture to the indicated recipe

In sensitive to alcohol stomach, can be used as tea, instead of being straight tincture.

Contents: chamomile, St. John's  worth, immortelle / yellow milling / birch leaf, strawberry leaf forest

Action: By using this herbal mixture improves metabolism, the body is purified by the accumulation of fat, calcification, blood vessels become more elastic. The mixture has a favorable effect in hypertension, tinnitus, roaring, dizziness, skin becomes smooth and healthy look nice yield. Clears the body of accumulated blood vessels fatty plaques. Improves metabolism. Normalizes blood pressure. Act favorably arthritis, colds and flu, enhances immunity.

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