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Tribulus Terrestris, 120 g

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Tribulus Terrestris, 120 g

Tribulus terrestris L.

Application: For impotence, sterility and hypertrophy of the prostate, stones and gravel in the kidneys and bladder.

Effect: Stimulating sexual sphere, diuretic, laxative and antifungal, increases the acidity of gastric juice.

Usage: Pour 50 grams with 3 liters of water and boil on moderate temperature until the water remains half. Strain well and when the strained tea gets cold mix / optional / with 5 tablespoons of brown sugar. Take 1-2 teaspoons in morning time on empty stomach.

In order not to spoil the mixture pour into plastic trays for ice and store in freezer. Every morning take one or two ice cubes stirred with a little hot water, so that after melting liquid should be slightly hot or at room temperature.

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