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Tea is beneficial for kidney stones, pain in the pelvis, painful urination
with burning sensation in women and men.
Method of Preparation: Brew one tablespoon in 300 ml of water
and leave to cool. Drink the prepared tea for a day (three times a
day) before meals. After five days the dose should be increased to 2
tablespoons daily brewed in 600 ml of water to drink up for 1 day to
3 times. Drinking for 30-40 days.
Ingredients: Fol. Uvae-ursi (bearberry leaf), Fol. Betulae (birch
leaf), Hb. Equiseti (horsetail stems), Fl. Crataegi (hawthorn flower),
Stip. Visci albi (white mistletoe handles), Sem. Lini (Linseed), Rad.
Valerianae (valerian root), Rad. Inulae (elecampane root) Sem.
Cannabis (hemp seeds), Rad. Ononidis (harrow root), Rad. Althaeae
(marshmallow root), Rad. Absinthii (root of wormwood), Rad. Rubiae
(madder root), Rad. Rhei (rhubarb root), Hb. Solidaginis (yellow
Golden Rod stems), Stip. Cerasorum (cherry handles).

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