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Aphrodisiac, Tea for Potency, 100g

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Aphrodisiac, Tea for Potency, 100g

/appropriate both for men and women /

This Indian aphrodisiac promotes libido, boosts potency in men and women and prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse.

Effect: Stimulates the smooth muscles, boosts potency, enhances desire. The pleasing exotic and rich taste of this tea refreshes and aromatizes the breath, preparing for new erotic surprises.

Ingredients: Liquorice, Indian nutmeg, cardamom ,  Tribulus terrestris , Yellow everlasting

Method of application: brew one teaspoon of the herbal mixture with 200 ml of water at evening time, about an hour before intercourse. You can add a little candy or brown sugar to taste.

Warnings: Should not be used by pregnant women!

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