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Tea helps normalizing condition of the body with a high level
of fat, overweight, a sudden change in weight, accompanied
by a rapid heartbeat, heart pain and other symptoms, cloudy
urine, pain and swelling in legs at the ankles; dizziness,
headache, nervousness, fast talking.
Method of Preparation: Pour 2 tablespoons with 500 ml of
boiling water and brew until it’s cooled. Strain and drink 3
times a day per 150ml.
Warning: Not for use if you are pregnant or nursing or if you
are under 16!
Ingredients: Hawthorn – leaf and flower, Hawthorn –
fruit, Melissa – leaf, Birch – leaf, Black Elderberry – flower,
Restharrow – root, Savory - stem, Yellow Window - stem,
White sucker - stem, Valerian - root, Peppermint - leaf,
Lavender – flower, Lime – flower, Hops - cones

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