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REMOART TEA For Joints and Muscles 120 gr

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Номер на продукта REMOART TEA For Joints and Muscles 120 gr: 163-F100106-w322094

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Species rheumatica
Tea is beneficial for pain in muscles and joints / for internal use /. External use
- helps normalize skin’ s condition when wounds, burns and skin infections.
Method of Preparation: Brew two tablespoons of mixture with 1/2 liter of
boiling water. 10-15 minutes later strain the tea. Drink 1 cup of lukewarm tea
3 times daily, preferably before meals. Recommended for use for at least two
months, discontinue use for 20 days and then renew use again for another
two months, if there is still need.
Ingredients: Fl. Cyani (cornflower blue flower) Fl. Calendulae (marigold
flower), Fr. Juniperi (juniper berries), Fl. Sambuci (black elderberry flower),
Fol. Urticae (nettle leaves), Cort. Salicis (willow bark), Fol. Betulae (birch
leaves), Hb. Equiseti (Field horsetail stems), Cort. Cinnamomum (cinnamon

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