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METEOKOL TEA bulk herbal tea 120 g

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Номер на продукта METEOKOL TEA bulk herbal tea 120 g: 161-F100106-w322094

Последно обновяване на информацията за продукта METEOKOL TEA bulk herbal tea 120 g: 25.02.2015 14:22

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Tea is beneficial for pain and tightness in abdomen with gas and bloating.
Very favourable when there is blood in stool. Helps normalizing functions
of the stomach in colic cramps, heartburn, indigestion and looseness.
* External use for swilling - favorable for normalizing condition of mouth
when there is inflammation of gums, throat, toothache, bad breath,
withdrawal of gums.
Method of Preparation: Pour 1 teaspoon with 250 ml. boiling water.
Drink 3 cups a day.
Warning: Do not use during pregnancy.
Ingredients: Rhiz. Tonneillae (rhizome of ochibolets), Rhiz. Bistortae
(rhizome of karvaviche), Hb. Bursas pastoris (Shepherd’s Purse stem), Fol.
Menthae pip. (mint leaves), Fl. Chamomillae (chamomile flower).

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