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Saffron, Tincture, 20 ml

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affron, Tincture, 20 ml 

Effect: Rejuvenates, favors potency. Beneficial to eyesight, skin and the whole body.

Root Saffron, Crocus sativus. THE KING OF HERBS!

Ingredients: 1ml contains 1ml saffron tincture 1:100, equivalent to 1mg root saffron.

Application: Oral - 20-30 drops 3 times a day in 200 ml of water. Without a prescription.

If used at night disturbs sleep because of its strong effect of tonic.

Saffron needs no special introduction - this is the most expensive herb with unique qualities. In accordance with the law of dietary supplements they cannot be described with certain superlatives. So we suggest you to make sure why the herb is called the king of herbs!

Expiration after first opening: 2 months.

Manufactured by: Bioherba R Ltd.

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