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About us

Bioherba R Ltd was established in 2009 year and is concentrated in manufacturing and distribution of herbal raw materials and herbal final products.

In 2014 the company changed it’s name from "Bulgarian herb 1893" Ltd to "Bioherba R" Ltd. The reason is the expansion of its international market  Bioherba is the trademark of "Bioherba R" Ltd.

Production Base: Production base of the company is located 14 km from Plovdiv in the village of Ruen - in ecologically clean foot of the Rhodope Mountains.

1 / We have at our disposal our own production base with an area of 3000 square meters.

 2 At present we have our own drying premise with air conditioning and ventilation as well as series of machines, allowing full cycle of processing the raw herbs to drying, cleaning, cutting, dust removing, packaging and putting into cellophane.

3 / "Bioherba R" Ltd. holds the necessary certificates from Food Agency and Regional Inspectorate for Protection and Control of Public Health for manufacturing, packaging and distributing herbs as well as herbal products, spices, seeds, foodstuffs and tinctures / water-alcohol extracts /. Certification is consistent with European and world regulation.

Activity: The activity of the company is divided into:

1 / Gathering and processing of herbs;

2 / Manufacture and distribution of tea, herbal products, foodstuffs;

3 / Manufacture and distribution of tinctures;

4/ Capsules


6/Throat spray

1. Gathering and processing of herbs: "Bioherba R" Ltd. collects its herbs from ecologically pure locations in mountainous and hilly areas. We have our own purchasing centers in Balkan Mountains, Sredna Gora, Rhodope Mountains, Pirin. The company holds bio certificate attesting the characteristics of the bio production. The raw material we collect is dried, purified, cut to the desired by the customer size and packed in the agreed condition and weight.

2. Manufacture and distribution of tea, herbal products, foodstuffs: Company "Bioherba R" Ltd. started its business activities with manufacturing filter herbal teas. The company has developed four series of teas: - Luxury Series - loose teas from exotic aromatic herbs and fruits. - Series for table - Teas on the basis of Bulgarian aromatic herbs and exotic teas, - Healing Series - herbal teas by approved recipes with health effects - Series Low-price class - table herbal teas for store chains of the so called Discount type.

3. Manufacture and distribution of tinctures "Bioherba R" Ltd. has its own production of tinctures as well - water alcohol extract of herbs and herbal mixtures. For now together with Herbs Ltd., we have introduced on the market over 50 types of tinctures. All the products of "Bioherba R" Ltd. are manufactured 100% of herbs collected in clean mountain areas without addition of colors, flavors or any kind of admixtures. The high quality of our teas is undoubtedly perceived by the wonderful taste, strong natural flavor and deep color of the dried herbs in every filter as well as in the ready brew.

4. Distribution of nutritional supplements Swanson Health Products - USA We are happy to represent the Swanson Health Products Company for Eastern Europe. Swanson Health Products has 40 years of history, over 3000 products and the most active web-site with the highest sales in the USA, together with the best estimates of the customers concerning the quality of the products. Customers in Bulgaria and Europe have already appreciated the wonderful quality and amazingly best prices of Swanson Health Products. Join us. You can buy the commodities of Swanson Health Products in shops and online stores of our distributors:

5.Bioherba R LTD also offers more than 40 types of food additives in the form of capsules: danewort, horsetail, eyebright, red clover, common st John’s wort, marigold, milk tjistle, bearberry, briar hips, demir bozan, trillium, French marigold, hawthorn, bullhead, dandelion, green coffee, tibetian herbs, green tea with a combination of 17 weight control herbs, olive tree leaves, bladder wrack, curcuma, saw palmetto, pau dárco, ginger, angelica, artichoke, oat, astragalus, gotu kola, guarana, wild potato, devils claw, Echinacea, cat’s claw, kudzu root, gingseng and spirulina.Their preparation follows strict quality standarts whereas the company is commited to maintaining affordable prices.

6. Cosmetics-Aromatherapy soaps and oils

Due to proven features of plants, the world demand for natural cosmetics is growing. To respond to its customers demand, Bioherba R Ltd has devoleped 60 types of hand made aromatherapy and relaxing soaps.Our cosmetic products are designed to allow recovery after a bussy day.

Aromatherapy is the most modern method for recovery, relaxation and healing of our bodies. Therefore, we have created a series of natural essential oils to respond to the market demand.

7.Throat sprays

Bioherba R Ltd has also developed a series of sore throat medicinal sprays based on the healing power of propolis combined with the usefulness of herbs. Thesed sprays have favourable effects on mouth and throat inflammations and contribute to their quick recovery. Owing to their strong effect and pleasant taste and flavor, they are extremely popular with our clients.